Who We Are

JoMel-Nacaha is a joint venture between JoMel Consulting, Incorporated and Nacaha, Incorporated.

Jomel-Nacaha serves as a marketing arm for 100% Tribal- Owned 8(a) Enterprises.

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Our Mission

Qualify relationships in partnering with the Native American community.

Provide economic growth.

Create employment for tribal members.

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Our Role

Contract services provider

Educates, evaluates and eliminates potential clients

Presents potential candidates’ applications to the Tribal 8(a) CEO and its Board of Directors

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Since 1993

How We Do It

JoMel-Nacaha has earned a relationship of trust with our tribal partners. Our objective is to bring selected and qualified teaming partners to our tribes for the mutual benefit of all parties.

JoMel-Nacaha is the gateway to our tribal partners to increase revenue and improve profitability.



Next Steps...

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