Who We Are

JoMel-Nacaha is a joint venture between JoMel Consulting, Incorporated and Nacaha, Incorporated.

JoMel-Nacaha serves as a marketing arm for 100% Tribal- Owned 8(a) Enterprises.

Our task is to identify and qualify companies and organizations to participate in the expansion of a tribe’s economic reach in the federal marketplace.


Our Mission

To assist tribes in economic development, create jobs for tribal members, and develop new job skills on the reservations.

Promote and protect the rights of its Tribal-Owned 8(a) clients in federal contracting as intended by Congress.


Our Role

Contract services provider

Educate, evaluate and eliminate potential clients

Present potential candidates’ applications to the Tribal 8(a) CEO and its Board of Directors

Communicate the Tribal 8(a)’s decision to accept or reject a candidate

Interfaces with federal Contracting Officers and political representatives

Manages the teaming partners, joint ventures, and mentor protégé relationships

Represents and reports directly to its Tribal 8(a) CEO


Our Story

JoMel-Nacaha is a joint venture between JoMel Consulting, Incorporated and Nacaha, Incorporated. JoMel and Nacaha became acquainted in early 2005 and it has been an amicable relationship built on trust and shared experiences. They each recognized the other's unique strengths and diverse skills that once combined, would create a synergy that benefits both companies and all of their clients.

JoMel Consulting Inc. is a woman-owned small business with vast experience in federal contracting, sales and marketing, creating and writing proposals, contract management, and GSA Schedule application preparation. Additionally, they have over 30 years of combined experience in conducting business with the federal government.

Nacaha, Inc. is a leading Native American woman-owned light manufacturing company in the Southwest United States and has more than 40 years experience in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and operational processes. Nacaha has been a dynamic leader in the Native American business community and has consistently strived to share their experience and expertise within this community.

JoMel-Nacaha specializes in the education and consultation of its clients in the set-aside sole-source awards in federal contracting. We evaluate opportunities that best fit our clients’ products and services for 8(a) sole-source awards and tribal 8(a) sole-source awards. Our strategy is to eliminate competition for our clients in procuring contracts. We also work with large corporations whose strategies include federal contracting.

Next Steps...

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